If any man's work shall be burned,
he shall suffer loss:
but he himself shall be saved;
yet so as by fire.

A Little Death by The Neighbourhood


A LITTLE DEATH // the neighbourhood

Make me feel like I am breathing
Feel like I am human


                           ( independent grimmjow jeagerjaquez)
ultifandom  x   multiverse  x  singleship
                          oc  friendly.  dialogue,  para  &  novella.
                          court..             speak.                   rules

ekragei: a s k i n. omg omg omg and with haschwalth tho. and-- uhn. meny-chan

( askin is a yes. hasch is hilarious to me and a certain someone due to something from like my previous bazz blog omg. menibazz is bueno. )

dehonestus: askin/bazz, menibazz, renji/bazz to some extent but <w<

( yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss. renji/bazz to an extent tho as i don’t personally view it past like. common bromance for the most part. )

chalceum: I think you're doing a good job on bazz?? what i know of him and your interpretation of him is good!! like you dont make certain traits/weaknesses grandiose !! which is great because a lot of people fall in that hole when they write a character like bazz but you didnt !! good job keep it up (・∀・ )

; how am I doing with my character? 
tell me in the askbox, and i’ll publish it without comment.



                He’s perpetually unimpressed

                                               has been infinitely been more
                                               impressed by invertebrates

giskeletonxgewelle: "Oops! Did I do that? Oh well~"

                        ❝ Shit ain’t even a proper answer ! 

                                       Ya’ can’t just "oh well" to
                                       that, you damn control
                                       freak. ❞


                     Violently sobs on you all. I have 1200 of you and I just? That is such a
                     huge number of people (to me) and I am seriously grateful for every.
one of you.

                     I don’t want to make a huge follow forever so I am just going to include
                     my closest writing partners/friends and my biggest inspirations/people I want to interact with more here. I
                     am saving my gigantic post for if I ever get to 1500. (wink wink)

                     So without further unnecessary blathering:

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                    I know I am missing a ton of people—and I apologize if I missed you. I
                    am super tired as I type this, but I am grateful for all of my followers and I
                    certainly would never purposely snub someone. Don’t take it personal,

                   Anyway thank you all for sticking with me! You guys are the best!                                                                                       




              “Are you a man or a rooster," Dio stated, the phrase posed as an inquiry but spoken as an insult—a demand, almost. There was no kindness to his tone, there never was, when he addressed the other. He had no respect for men who dressed like that. He might as well shave off all his hair. 

                                    there was a brief moment in which bazz-b pointed his
                                    index at the otherwise rude male, feigning pain insult
                                    as he looked about. though of course this did pain him
                                    in some form as his hair, no matter the effort, was of
                                    sheer grace.

                        ❝ Alright, scumbag, this
                            is how it’s gonna go,

                                             you’re gonna lose that irritatin’
                                             face, or I can do it for ya’. ❞

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